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Join karen sperling’s artistry academy of painting for photographers!

Turning photos into paintings in Corel Painter or Adobe Photoshop is fun, creative and not that hard if you get simple instruction, learn art theories and get feedback and reviews from someone who is an experienced artist and educator: Karen Sperling.

Join us today and get up and running with painting based on photos!

Painting by Karen Sperling based on a photo by Christy Peterson


karen sperling’s artistry academy of painting for photographers is named after her books!

The Painting for Photographers book series has art lessons and step-by-step instructions for turning photos into paintings in Corel Painter. The first volume also includes steps for painting based on photos in Adobe Photoshop. The first volume also includes

information for painting with traditional oils and acrylics on printed canvas.

The Artistry Academy of Painting for Photographers takes your painting to the next level with the addition of Zoom webinars and personal feedback.


Your membership in karen sperling’s artistry academy of painting for photographers includes:

Painting by john Singer Sargent

Art Lessons

Painting by Karen Sperling

Color Theories

Corel Painter Video Lessons

Adobe Photoshop Video Lessons 

Photocompositing + Retouching Video Lessons

Live Zoom Feedback Webinars 

Access to New Kindles as Created

Private Member Forum Access

The Full Artistry Online Class for Turning Photos into
Paintings in the Style of Rembrandt in
Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop

Paintings by Karen Sperling based on a royalty free photo
covered in the step-by-step Rembrandt class videos.

Royalty free source photo.

Click here for information about the Artistry Online class and to enroll in just the class alone. Come back here to enroll in the Rembrandt class as part of your Artistry Academy of Painting for Photographers membership.

Paintings by Rembrandt

All the Artistry brushes for Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter used in the Artistry Rembrandt tutorial videos.


The Reviews are in,

And they’re raves!

enjoys teaching style

I’ve enrolled based on the fact that I really enjoy your teaching style in videos I’ve purchased or seen on You tube. You keep it simple but informative. I’ve always felt very encouraged by you and always am impressed at the personal touch with your email responses. I look forward to committing more time to painting by enrolling as well as playing and experimenting more with painting and art concepts. - Monty Wiseman

new ideas to explore

Excited to increase my skill in turning more of my many photos into paintings using Corel Painter- and Karen Sperling is an expert in doing this. Ive also been asked to do paintings from photos for my fans and clients as commissions —so this will give me new ideas to explore. Along the way, I hope to pick up some tips on painting in Photoshop. - N.J.

Videos just right

This is a great video. It gives me the key points I need to get started, out of all the options there are in Painter, and it moves slowly enough for me to be able to grasp what is going on. It is long enough for me to have learned things, but not so long that it gets overwhelming.

I had gotten so frustrated with videos that move so fast that I can't quite grasp them. You are pacing these just right for a beginner. Thank you so much!

Kind regards,

videos perfect length

I have managed to watch all the vids so far and am really enjoying them. They are like opening a box of chocolates - I can opt to consume one small piece (one vid) or the whole box at once. They are the perfect length to keep my attention, and to squeeze into spare moments.

Thank you for including me in this journey! - Martha Bauder

Super excited!

I signed up for Karen Sperling’s Artistry Academy of Painting for Photographers. I have studied with Karen for several years now and she knows how to do anything you want in Painter. And now, she is teaching painting in Photoshop too, so that’s a major plus for me. Super excited! - Katie Katsenis

An Einstein

You are exciting!
One more: you are an Einstein! 
Asleep and awake at all times.
Smartest, and an Einstein. 
Compliment given, and deserved!

painting adventure

I’m so excited to finally embark on my “learning to paint adventure.” I will be learning from the original Corel Painter Master! I have spent several years learning to make beautiful portraits with my camera, and now Karen Sperling will teach me how to turn those images into one of a kind artwork. - L.T.

benefited greatly

As a relatively recent user of Corel Painter I’ve benefited greatly from working through several of Karen Sperlings quick fix videos and her online class on turning floral photos into impressionist style paintings. When she announced the creation of her Artistry Academy of Painting for Photographers I knew I couldnt pass up this opportunity to learn even more with personal instruction and one-on-one feedback. - Terry Mills

webinar engaging
I really enjoyed watching the webinar—I found it engaging. It went fast for me—I got very absorbed in it and the comments and participant comments. I hope to make the next one. Thanks for the feedback on the 3 photos. It’s amazing to see the range of photo subjects and it was helpful for you to go through what you’d do or the steps you’d take with turning the photo into a painting. - C. F.

Compliment is due, is time to give it: I have found a VERY helpful and expert teacher. Thank you. - Paul Naber

Learn Photo Painting 

My reason for enrolling in your new Artistry Academy is to learn more about your photo painting process using Clone or Quick Clone. - Gwin Willis

Highly Recommended

I found Karen Sperling's class on "How to Paint in the Style of Rembrandt," and decided to purchase the class.
It was an absolute pleasure.
She beautifully explained how Rembrandt painted and intermingled art theory and history in her YouTube videos, which were just the perfect length.
Everything was so well-organized and so easy to access. I feel it was a perfect class for the beginner as well as intermediate person in Corel Painter.
I highly recommend this class for anyone with a love of Rembrandt and his style of painting.
Diana Carey

  • What will I learn in the Artistry Academy of Painting for Photographers?
    How to turn photos into paintings in Corel Painter and/or Adobe Photoshop by studying traditional art and color theories and by learning step-by-step how to paint in the styles of celebrated artists through the centuries, including Rembrandt, Sargent, Monet and many others. By studying the great masters, you will learn the ingredients of the art that you love as a springboard to painting in your own style, not the teacher’s.
  • I want to learn to paint, but I don’t have time.
    I think we all have time if we just make it a point to do something. Even if you devote a 1/2 hour to painting per week, you will see results over time. Of course if you spend more than 1/2 hour a week you’ll see results sooner, but slow and steady wins the race.
  • I don’t have any painting talent. Is that OK?
    Talent is an overrated word, in my opinion, and one that I don’t like to use. It’s too limiting. People think they either have talent or they don’t. However, I believe talent can be cultivated with classes and also with simply observing and analyzing art through the centuries. And practice. Painting is a skill that you can learn by studying art theories, learning techniques and by practicing, and you’ll get all three in the Academy of Painting for Photographers.
  • I get frustrated following tutorials because I can’t ask questions.
    That’s one of the most exciting parts of the Academy of Painting for Photographers. I’ll be offering individual feedback and answering questions for all who enroll.
  • I would like to learn everything I can from you so that I can teach it to others. Is that OK?
    No, I’m afraid it isn’t OK. My classes and information are only for those who would like to use what I teach to paint their own paintings based on photos. All of my materials and information are copyright protected and not to be passed along to others.
  • I don’t relish the thought of sitting alone in front of the computer painting. I get more out of interacting with other people.
    That’s another exciting aspect of the Academy of Painting for Photographers. It’s a virtual school, where you can be in touch with others like you as you all learn to paint, see each others’ progress together as a group and cheer each other on in both webinars and online private forums. Attendees will have the opportunity to rub elbows with like-minded photographer/artists, enhancing and grounding the learning-to-paint experience way beyond where it can go just sitting alone at your computer and going through tutorials in isolation.
  • I don’t have Corel Painter, just Photoshop. Will the classes be useful to me?
    Yes. I’ve been painting with Photoshop for almost as long as I’ve been painting with Corel Painter and I have offered several kindles and videos covering painting in Photoshop over the years. Now, with the Artistry Academy of Painting for Photographers, I will add more step-by-step information for turning photos into paintings in Photoshop, while still offering Corel Painter instruction. In other words, in the Artistry Academy, you can learn to paint with either Painter or Photoshop, or both—it’s up to you!
  • Do I receive anything when I join?
    Yes. You will receive all the videos I have sent out so far covering art lessons and color theories for painting portraits, landscapes, florals and pets and how to composite the photo for painting. The theories provided in these videos have guided artists through the centuries and give you a foundation for turning any photo into a painting in either Photoshop or Painter. You will also receive your own personal color wheel and all the images covered in the videos so that you can follow along. And you will also be able to view the 2+ hour recording of the first Zoom webinar where members were given feedback on their own photos and whether they will be good candidates to turn into paintings and how to tell. You’ll also be invited to submit your photos for a future overview webinar. You will also receive new videos as I create them and new webinars as I hold them. You will also be invited to a new members-only VIP private forum on Facebook.
  • Do you have a formal schedule of classes you’re offering?
    Not yet, but that is the beauty of joining now, while I’m still putting together the details for the Academy. You get to offer me ideas and feedback for how you would like the Academy to be structured. At the same time, you get in on a low charter membership fee. You could wait until things are more firmly in place, but the tuition fee will be higher when the Academy is well established.
  • I took a class with a teacher and though he was really talented, I felt we only learned to paint like him, but I’d like to find my own style. Is that possible?
    Yes! That is my main teaching philosophy—that you learn to paint like you, not like me. That’s the reason for learning art and color theories. We’ll go over how choosing among all the different possibilities is how you create your own style. Along those lines, we’ll also talk about the ingredients of different art eras, like Impressionism, and art history, and artists, so that you aren’t locked into one look, but free to explore and incorporate ideas passed down through the ages.

Please note: After you enroll, you will receive access to videos and webinars within 24 hours of payment, during regular business hours, U.S. Pacific time, Monday through Friday.

You will have access to the videos as long as you are a member.
You may cancel your membership at any time, but memberships aren’t pro-rated. That is, if you subscribe monthly,
if you cancel, your subscription will run till the end of the month and if you subscribe for a year, it will run till the end of the year.

If you decide to come back, you will be offered membership at the going rate, not at this current low rate.

Monthly Subscription $29.99

Yearly Subscription $299.90 (12 months for the price of 10)

These tuition fees are good through midnight,

Friday, December 15, 2023.

Enroll now and lock in these Special Rates!


Thank you for enrolling in 

karen sperling’s Artistry

Academy of Painting for


Commissioned painting by Karen Sperling
based on client-submitted photos.

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