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And Then There Were NFTs

I've gone from a NFT wannabe to a full-fledged NFT artist.

I have minted my genesis NFT video, The Adventures of Lulu, Episode 1: Roller Coaster Dreams. Click here to see the hi-res version at Foundation and click below to view a tiny, low-res version of it.

I have also minted my genesis collection at Opensea. Included are 41 images that went into the creation of this video and the next one, The Adventures of Lulu, Episode 2: Sea Change, that I'm currently editing and getting ready to mint.

Here's a gif showing some of the images I minted at Opensea:

The art in The Adventures of Lulu videos and still images stems from my abstract art that I exhibited in New York and during Art Basel Miami Beach. The theme of that art was my childhood dreams of highways turning into roller coasters and for the NFT art, Lulu became a character witnessing the abstract imagery. Initially I added a character to the artwork because I have specialized in painting commissioned digital portraits based on photos and thought I'd incorporate that experience into my NFT art. I started out the NFT series with a photo from a royalty free website and then decided later to invent the character from my imagination, instead.

The character's name, Lulu, came from a friend of mine who watched my progress creating the first video for the past year and he started calling the character Lulu, as in, is Lulu finished yet? By the time the video was finally completed, it was obvious that Lulu had taken on a life of her own, so the title, The Adventures of Lulu, was born. And now we were way beyond thinking just about highways turning into roller coasters and a series of videos is in the works showing Lulu's world.

I hope you'll check out my NFT videos and still images and add them to your NFT collections!

Click here to see all of the 41 images available at Opensea and click here to see The Adventures of Lulu, Episode 1: Roller Coaster Dreams video at Foundation.

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